One to one coaching

One to one coaching

One to One coaching change the pricing to half 50% lower.

First initial Session is £100.00 for 1 hour to see if i can genuinely help you. This can be done by Skype or arranged face to face.

Private one to one mentoring and coaching is available at £2,000 per day at Sunil C Patel's private residence. Yearly mentoring and coaching on a regular 12 month basis is £20,000. 

All Mentoring and coaching clients get access to Sunil's private property deals and business ventures. Your payments to Sunil C Patel are fully deductible as education and strategy for self employed business owners. Please fill in the box below regarding your requirements.

Call Ms Parmar for more info: 07443 225 006 

Please note if i cannot genuinely help you i cannot take you on as a client.